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Over the last few months, many people have had to face up to the cost of energy and, more specifically, the cost of warming in maternity and post-weaning. This is the main reason why the Solar Impact range was conceived and developed.

A new warmth-generating solution based on patented technology

The products are fitted with metallised glass (Verelec technology) which accumulates energy before releasing it in the form of some of the most beneficial waves in solar radiation, the Far Infrared or FIR.

Far infrared warming has been tried and tested in medical applications (therapy, neonatal paediatrics) and in the field of well-being, for example in saunas.

These waves have many benefits, including stimulating the metabolism and the immune system, and relaxing the muscles, to name but a few.
They are absorbed into the body at an ideal depth, ensuring optimum absorption of warmth by the skin’s thermoreceptors.

lampe chauffante
peluche porcin sous panneau chauffant

Energy savings and animal welfare

This heat transfer technology has been adapted to pig farming production to provide piglets with more pleasant living conditions.

What’s more, the buildings are optimally energy-efficient . Thanks to the inertia created by the glass, the warmth is still emitted for many minutes after the equipment has been switched off, and only warms the bodies (no air is warmed).

To save money , it is best to use a thermostatic/on/off control and to fit a sensor with a black ball to measure the temperature felt by the animals.
Thanks to Solar Impact, it is now possible to reduce the ambient temperature in your rooms while providing relaxation and comfort for your animals, with Gentle warmth and no risk of overheating.

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